Getting Started

You must be 17 to learn to drive and have a provisional driving licence. You can obtain a licence by sending a completed D1 form (available at Post Offices), your passport or birth certificate and a passport size photogragh to DVLA.

You can apply for your provisional licence up to  3 months before you are 17 and you could be driving on your birthday.

The Driving Syllabus 

Discover Driving follow the Driving Standards Agency's syllabus to ensure that your course of lessons follow a systematic and structured programme. You will recieve feedback on completion of each lesson and are assessed on a regular basis to check your progress.

At Discover Driving it is our philosophy that you should not take a driving test unless you and your instructor are confident that you have the necessary skills, experience and confidence to pass it.

How many lessons will I need?

Your rate of learning new driving skills will ultimately determine the pace and quantity of lessons you take.  You instructor is experienced in assessing your driving standard and estimating how many lessons you will require.

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